Young, white woman gently stretching illustrating a strong and supple spine for the Back Care Course

Back Care Course

Do you have chronic lower back pain?  This maybe a dull pain when you wake up in the morning or pain when you sit for a while. 


There is a pain cycle that starts with the actual pain, the muscles tense as they guard against the pain, they may become inflamed or go into spasm.  This then causes restricted movement leading to muscle weakness and loss of normal function.  There are feelings of frustration and helplessness which can then lead to further pain. 


Slow yoga or Subtle Inspired Yoga can help to sooth this cycle, it helps to send more accurate messages to the brain about the pain.  It helps by creating greater awareness of the body as a whole and reduces the focus on the pain signals.  The brain can then better regulate your system and help you move when you need to and relax when you need to.  It can help to release the wiring of the chronic pain and reduce anxiety and depression.  Slow yoga helps to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, or the rest and digest systems of our body.


“Practicing yoga has the opposite effect on the brain as does chronic pain.”  Catherine Bushnell


If you make sure when you are doing yoga that you never push into the pain, we are not going for ‘the burn’.  There should be no pinching or painfulness.  Also, breath whilst you move, very often we tend to hold our breath, and move smoothly and evenly.  Use the slow, breath infused movements of yoga to break out of the vicious cycle of chronic pain and ease away the stress and anxiety that it brings with it.

This course offers 4 modules taught through video.  They offer you complete flexibility so that you can practice whenever you like, replaying the modules time and again.


Investment £27