About Debbie

Debbie is the founder of Circle-Life which incorporates Circle-Yoga and specialist coaching for GP Practice Managers.

Debbie trained as a yoga teacher at Whitespace Yoga and Wellbeing Studio, Stoney Stratford which is affiliated with Yoga Alliance Professionals.   She has practiced yoga since her early 20’s, forty plus years in all, and trained in 2017 as she believes that yoga brings so much more to people’s lives than movement.  Debbie continues to deepen her study of yoga and has completed 57 hours of training with Subtle® Yoga teacher Kristine Weber.  Debbie now includes Subtle® Yoga practices within each of her classes. Subtle® Yoga is very accessible so is ideal for beginners or for people who have practiced and want something slower, mindful and breath infused.  This slower type of yoga can help with nervous system resilience because it enables your own intrinsic healing to take place.  It activates the parasympathetic nervous system which opens up the 'tend & befriend' behaviours.  It improves physiological balance.  The slow mindful practice builds interoception, so you become more aware of how your body feels, where your emotions lie, your places of comfort and discomfort.  This then leads to feelings of peace, connectivity and unity.  This practice of yoga is not simply about stretch and workout but feelings of being nurtured, self-regulated and peaceful.  It is not acrobatic yoga but enabling people to train their nervous system and slow down.  Slow, mindful yoga can be part of the equation to address the chronic diseases or long term conditions naturally.

Debbie is also very aware of osteopenia and osteoporosis, there is an emphasis on safe spinal work, Debbie recognises that many people are developing osteoporosis and the classes are aimed to support this.  Debbie has osteoporosis and uses the gentle practices to enable her bones to remain as strong as possible.  Debbie aims to bring yoga to a wide range of people; people who would not normally have thought they could participate; people with Long Term Conditions including asthma and diabetes.  Gentle Yoga enables the body to experience a wide range of functional movement, strengthening and stretching the body for its day to day activities. 


Debbie is also passionate about cycling and holds specialist workshops for cyclists, especially women cyclists.  Debbie has been trained by British Cycling and the ‘Breeze’ project to encourage women to cycle and regularly runs rides in South Bedfordshire. 

Circle-Life provides dedicated coaching for GP Practice Managers and their staff.  Debbie worked in the NHS for 30 years as a manager in the local Health Authority and then the Primary care Trust and was a PM for 12 years.  Debbie is well placed to support Practice Managers and their staff.  Her area of focus is through yoga techniques and NLP to help employees manage the day to day stress of life in the NHS.

If you were to ask Debbie what her main theme is in life now that she has retired and moved to being self-employed as a yoga teacher, it would be fun.  Fun runs throughout her life now, fun with her children and grandchildren, fun with the people she meets in her classes, fun with her fellow yoga teachers, fun riding her bike.