Private Yoga Session

Online one to one private yoga session.  Each session is built to your personal specification using slow, gentle yoga, yoga nidra and breathwork.  


The gentle, slow movements will be telling your body to relax and this permeates to your mind. 


The integration of breath and movement allows the body to work and rest at the same time. 


You will emerge, still in your own living room, tranquil yet energized.  The integrated breath work will bring oxygen into your tissues so that you may have more energy. 


The slow movements will tell your brain that you are in a safe place so that you shift into a deep relaxation.

Contact Debbie using the button below.  

£35 per 60 minute session. 

All sessions booked as a block of 3 for £99 or 5 for £159.

If you have not been taught by Debbie before please allow half a session to discuss your individual requirements.  You will also need to complete an online health form.

Lotus Pose