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Hello and welcome, how can I help you?

'Debbie is the founder of Circle-Yoga.

Debbie uses slow, mindful
'Subtle Inspired Yoga' techniques
to help
the body and mind relax.

This aids nervous system resilience, the ability to face the ups and downs of daily life.

Debbie worked in the NHS for over 30 years.

She now teaches yoga and relaxation techniques to aid general wellbeing.

My Yoga Offerings

Welcome to Circle-Yoga with Debbie, where we practice nervous system resilience yoga.  What does that mean?  I hear you say........ it is where you help yourself through your yoga practice to face the ups and downs of life.  Where you take care of yourself this helps you to take care of others.  This type of slow, breath infused yoga is especially helpful if you are living with a long term health condition such as chronic fatigue.  I look forward to meeting you either on the mat on in a chair.

If anyone can breathe, they can do yoga.  T Krishnamacharya 1989

Debbie teaches slow yoga which can help with nervous system resilience.  What does that mean?  It helps with the ups and downs of everyday life. It enables your own intrinsic healing to take place.  It activates the parasympathetic nervous system which opens up the 'tend & befriend' behaviour.  It improves physiological balance.  The slow mindful practice builds interoception, so you become more aware of how your body feels. Where your emotions lie, your places of comfort and discomfort.  This then leads to feelings of peace, connectivity and unity. 

This practice of yoga is not simply about stretch and workout but feelings of being nurtured, self-regulated and peaceful. 
It is not acrobatic yoga but enables you to train your nervous system and slow down. 

Slow, mindful yoga can be part of the equation to address long term health conditions naturally. 

Long term health conditions include diabetes, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety and fibromyalgia.


What People Say

Claire Hardy

Circle-yoga. Debbie is a lovely yoga instructor and her classes are suitable for all abilities. She has recently started to hold monthly themed rest and restore sessions, which are great for de-stressing. Small and friendly classes.

Colette Holt

Circle-Yoga with Debbie. Lovely relaxing and gentle yoga class, great for the body and mind.

A True Relax Student

Thank you for that wonderful yoga nidra, it was so calming after a very busy afternoon and evening.  The marble and clock routine used muscles I don't think I ever used before, so deep.  The whole routine felt new and interesting.  I watched the sunset as I practiced, lovely.  Thank you xx

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