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Senior lady seated, cross legged, practicing side bend, gentle yoga outside surrounded by trees,Bedfordshire

One to One Sessions with Debbie

Are you finding you have little time in the day for yourself?

Are you finding that you are stressed with lots of different pressures e.g. your family, your friends, your job, the climate, Covid?

Are you trying to get some movement into your life yet you constantly find this a challenge?


One to One sessions of Subtle Inspired Yoga may help you.  You could also consider getting a small group of friends or colleagues together, the sessions are available to up to 6 people.  This enables you to work together and also share the cost.


The yoga will be slow and mindful, very accessible if you haven’t tried it before.  It is especially helpful with long term conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome.  The movements are ‘breath infused’ and performed slowly.  It offers you to take some time to relax your nervous system so that you sleep better and feel recharged.


What to expect

The class will last for 60 minutes.  All classes are booked in blocks of 3 or 5.  This way I get to understand your requirements and we can explore them fully.

Each class will be 5 to 10 minutes understanding your requirements and tailoring the class accordingly.

50 minutes approximately of a mix that may contain Subtle Yoga poses/asanas, self massage, relaxation, meditation, yoga nidra.

Classes can be delivered online or in person.  Should you choose the latter we would need to consider Covid guidelines, my travel time and cost.  

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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