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class of senior women practicing a chair yoga pose
Chair Beginner

Chair Yoga Beginners Course

If anyone can breathe, they can do yoga.  T Krishnamacharya 1989


The beginners class for chair yoga incorporates Subtle Inspired Yoga movements to aid strength and flexibility and improve neurological resilience.  The classes are slow and there is an emphasis on breathwork.  When you combine slow movement with breathing it encourages neuroplasticity, or the building of new nerve cells, in the brain.  

Chair Yoga is for anyone who wants to do it.

It offers an accessible practice that can benefit anyone, regardless of age, occupation, or physical limitations.  my teacher Kristine Weber


Anyone can practice chair-based yoga, here are some examples: 

  • If you are returning to exercise after injury, or a series of treatments. 

  • If you are very overweight and experiencing other illnesses related to your weight. 

  • If you are older and want to remain healthy and fit through yoga. 

  • If you find yourself seated for long periods during the day.

  • If you are in your later years of life and you are seeking to maintain your independence. 

  • If you are of any age and enjoy or want to try meditation. 

  • If you are chronically ill and unable to get on the floor because of your condition (MS, ME, osteoporosis, etc). 

  • If you have been injured and wish to use more gentle, slow yoga as rehabilitation.


Do any of these resonate with you? 

Chair based yoga is still yoga, you do not have to be able to get down onto a mat to practice yoga.  You still get the benefit of breath work, asanas (poses), mindfulness and meditation.  You can enjoy all the regular yoga benefits: better sleep, better breathing patterns, increased mobility, flexibility, strength, physical awareness, improved posture, improved energy, improved pain management, nervous system resilience, etc…. The list is very very long.  You may find it surprising but this is also a real opportunity to socialize.  You will be sharing time with likeminded people. This aspect is as important as the class itself.  Why not give it a go?


For the Social Prescribers reading this information;  A metanalysis from Korea (Shin, 2021)  showed that chair yoga can improve muscle strength, balance, flexibility, physical activity and that it can be a part of a population health strategy.  My teacher,Kristine Weber from Subtle Yoga, regularly shares recent, relevant yoga research with her students.


The course includes the following:

Classes are held in person or live streamed through Zoom

(You will receive support using Zoom)

In person classes at Platinum Studio, 15 Manor Road, Caddington  LU1 4JF

45 minute classes using Zoom or in person

Investment £8 drop in

Contact Debbie for future Chair Yoga Beginners Course details or 0794880403

Active Senior Couple
Mat Beginner
Yoga Beginnes Course

Yoga Beginners Course

Debbies’ yoga uses slow, mindful movements also known as Subtle Inspired Yoga. 

The poses help you to move with ease whatever the shape or size of your body.  As the movements are slower they allow you to pay attention to how your body feels.  Time is given to notice the breath, this sets a good foundation for the body.


Slow, mindful yoga has been found to be helpful with
long term conditions as the movements are ‘breath infused’ and performed slowly. 
The poses help you to take some time to relax your nervous system so that
you sleep better and feel recharged.

‘90% of illness is due to your mind and stress, yoga can help with both of these
through breath work, poses and nourishing rest’


The courses include the following:

(Support setting up and using Zoom)

45 minute classes using Zoom or in person at Platinum Wellness Studio, 15 Manor Road, Caddington  LI1 4JF

Investment £9 drop in

Contact me for details of the Yoga Beginners Courses
you can drop into the studio just before the 12 o'clock class each Wednesday - I am usually early and am happy to chat

 email me at

text me on 0794880403

alternatively, book below



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