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Hello and welcome to Circle-Yoga with Debbie

This is a video of one of my classes.

I practice Subtle Inspired Yoga which is slow and mindful.


Yoga Classes Available

these are my weekly offerings:

Wednesdays at Platinum Wellness Studio

5 Manor Road, Caddington, Beds, LU1 4EE

12 o'clock to 12.45   45 minutes of Chair Yoga 

These classes are face to face and I also stream the class through zoom.  

Link to booking classes at Platinum Studio



Fridays online class

9.30am to 10.30am 60 minutes of Mat Yoga 

You can book a block of classes - each block includes one True Relax session

Link to booking online classes

Link to booking online classes in a 6 week block

Yoga Classes Available

There are weekly classes throughout the year and also adhoc classes in local parks and open spaces in the summertime.

There are workshops called '
True Relax' where you will find a blend of Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra to optimize deep, nourishing rest.  During the summer months you will find these at local venues like cosy village halls and in winter they are wonderful online as you can simply switch me off and snuggle down as the session closes.  To find out more about True Relax follow this link.


The classes at Platinum Studio are based in a chair although we can use the mat too, it depends on you and your preferences. It is a 45 minute class, shorter classes may also appeal to you if you have chronic fatigue for example. 

We start with some simple breathwork, then move to warming moves that ebb and flow with your breath. We then move to standing poses, or mat work, this is very much dependent on the participants who are there at the time.  The classes are all friendly and gentle. 

Towards the end there is an opportunity to relax, this can be in the chair or on the mat.  We finish with about a minute of meditation, sometimes mantra, there is no requirement to join in only listen.  I use a mantra to help participants focus.

Wix picture - two women in a seated position quietly meditating
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