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Relaxing waterside with trees

Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra

True Relax

Self-care is giving the world the best of you

instead of what's left of you
Katie Reed

Are you in need of some time for yourself?  I would love you to come to my next ‘True Relax’ session, they are usually on Wednesdays, about once a month at 8pm for 45 minutes.  


The sessions are all online, I use Zoom which is the easiest bit of kit to use for these things.  I simply send you a link and you click on it just before 8pm and hey presto! You are there!  To book True Relax press here.


I am so passionate about the relaxing qualities of yoga nidra (yogic sleep) and restorative yoga.  You will feel so nourished and rejuvenated afterwards.  These two aspects of yoga will relax your nervous system so you sleep better, you will feel better in your downtime.  You will emerge, still in your own living room, tranquil yet energized. 


These combined allow your body to nourish itself so that the pain of arthritis may subside, the uncomfortableness of fibromyalgia may recede.  Gentle movement can ease tension and melt away stress so that you may feel less anxious.


You can receive these beautifully crafted classes all in the comfort of your own home.  No need to struggle through traffic or bad weather.  When you emerge from the class your mind and body are in the ideal setting if you wanted to try meditation as the mind is calm and focussed.  Many of my students are then happy to spend a few minutes in quiet contemplation using either a timer or an app to enjoy their meditation.

What to expect

We start at 8pm prompt so it is nice to log in about 10 minutes early, you don’t need to share your video or sound at this stage.

It is nice to prepare a lovely, cosy setting for your evening ahead.  This may include:

Your yoga mat or a soft towel
A bolster or a rolled up blanket
Some blocks if you have them

An eye cushion or mask 
Some cushions off the sofa or large bed cushions
Some blankets or light duvet for cover
Maybe a warm drink of milk or herbal teach such as chamomile
Maybe some gentle music
Maybe some fragrances such as lavender
A little of your favourite oil if we massage the face, neck and hands
If you wear something stretchy, pyjamas are ideal, maybe socks too

When you have gathered all these together simply lie down and wait for the class to start.

All you need do is listen to my voice and occasionally glance at the screen to see the options I have chosen for the restorative yoga poses.  I often use pictures so share my screen so you can see the options clearly. 


You can then build or layout each option and make yourself comfy and warm in each pose.  All poses are for relaxation so if you have any discomfort or pinching please come out of the pose and rejig your set up until it feels just right.

We have a small warm up at the start to allow the blood to move around the body and to oil the joints gently.  For the Restorative Yoga, we stay in each pose between 3 to 6 minutes.  We use the props we have gathered to provide a sensation of literally being on a cloud.  To book True Relax press here


Restorative Yoga can calm down nervous systems, relax the body, and release tension from the mind, and it is possible to let go of the idea of stress  Mona Anand


We then move to Yoga Nidra and here you lie in savasana or on your back.  You can have your knees draped over the bolster or folded blanket.  You can have a pillow under your head and a smaller towel or blanket to support the back of your neck.  We lie with the arms a little way from the body with the palms face up.  This provides a gentle rotation to the shoulders and allows the shoulder blades to contact the mat or towel.  The aim of this pose is to enable you to not want to move, to be happy to be perfectly still whilst you listen to the nidra.


Through the Restorative and Nidra practices please ensure that you are warm and cosy.  Spend time draping the blanket or light duvet over yourself.  It is good for the brain to focus on my voice or your music rather than experience cold as this will reduce the overall effect.


I talk you through the nidra, which takes about 20 minutes.  You might fall asleep, you might stay awake.  If you do fall asleep be assured that your subconscious will take what it needs from my words.  There will be a section where you focus on different parts of your body, there is often a section where I ask you to visualise a walk or different objects.  If this doesn’t appeal to you then simply relax and wait until the next stage.


At the end I simply close down the call, you can remain in your state of relaxation for as long as you wish.  The aim of the session is to enable your parasympathetic nervous system to be activated and allow your innate healing processes to work on your body.  You may need a drink of water after the session.


I am so passionate about these practices, I use them regularly myself and I wish I had known about them when I was younger.  If you have any feedback on them please contact me or if you have any queries, either way I would love to hear from you.  To book True Relax press here.

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