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Compassion picture showing hands being held between two people

Compassion Course

How you can bring self-compassion into your life every day:-

Offer yourself kindness, that might be the warmth of your own hand on your heart space and saying,
“I am enough”.

Think about your own friends, what would you say to them if they were going through the same as you?  Use those words for yourself, speak to yourself with those kind, supportive, intuitive words that you would use for your friend.

This course is designed to provide you with various tools, such as yoga poses, relaxation techniques (yoga nidra) and information about setting up habits in order for you to embark on your own, home practice to develop compassion.  Subtle inspired yoga is most powerful when it is practiced regularly, this maybe for a few minutes each day. 


As you build this habit you may find your body calling back time after time to practice, it is never a chore, it is a treat.  As you continue to care for yourself, for your body and your mind, you will find that you begin to think differently. 


You may find that you are calmer, more peaceful.  This particular course is to develop compassion and in turn self-compassion.  Research shows us now that people who have self-compassion are better able to cope with tough situations like divorce, trauma, chronic illness, chronic pain.  It is now understood that self-compassion is a trainable skill1.


What does compassion mean? Kristen Neff, leader on compassion in the world.  Compassion isn’t this fluffy feel good stuff, compassion is recognising that human beings at their very core are flawed, or cracked, fallible.  Our brains are designed to be alarm systems to keep us alive but at times they can really overwhelm us too.  Kristen says that real compassion is bringing kindness to these cracks, not to fix, not to cover them up, but simply to bring some softness and kindness. 3  This is an exert from the WakeUp/WindDown podcast with Niall Breslin.


1 Megan Prager  San Diego Center for Mindfullness

2 Atomic Habits by James Clear

3 Kristin Neff

What is included in this course?

6 x 50 minute classes to study / follow whenever you want

6 x stick figure plans of the classes

1 x journal prompt pdf document to help you study compassion in your own life and enable you to set up a new habit of daily practice that is something to look forward to each day
1 x calming meditation that you can play time and again to help you fully relax

Investment £27

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