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Why is it trendy in Hollywood to whiff a bit?

Updated: Jan 19

A picture of a stone fountain with water flowing out of the upper fountain into the lower fountain
Why is it trendy in Hollywood to whiff a bit?

How surprised was I to find that I am actually ‘on trend’, if that is still a trendy term. Yes, I can mix with the fast and famous BECAUSE I don’t bath daily. I don’t shower daily. I wash in the sink with a flannel. It’s out there! I wash in the sink with a flannel. This is evidently called a ‘whore’s wash’. Who knew? Definitely not a trendy person like myself, hobnobbing with the stars in my unwashed state.

So, it’s now fashionable with Hollywood stars, or so the article goes in the paper. Why is it trendy in Hollywood to whiff a bit? It’s fashionable to be careful with water. And so we should. After watching H2O on the BBC I am definitely going to be careful with my water usage. have you seen it? We have evidently been sucking up water from deep underground for our crops, like a big straw. We pump the water into a huge watering rod that goes round and round. The fields are all circular, they can be seen easily from space. What space also sees is when they dry out, as they do, and have been for ages. Now instead of lots of green discs we see lots of brown discs. These are dried up circular fields where all the water has been sucked out of the rocks below. Frightening.

Is there anything we could individually do about this? Yes, lots, bathe or shower less often, wash clothes less regularly, wash bed linen every two weeks rather than weekly, flush the toilet only when necessary. Lots of ways but how can we make these a habit? This is where yoga can help. Regular breathing practice and breath infused movement trigger the inner brain, this helps us with self-regulation. It helps us build habits. If we can take a little time each day just to ourselves, maybe as we wait for the hot water to fill the sink, or for the kettle to boil for our morning coffee. During this time we could concentrate on our breath and maybe do a few simple moves that we have practiced during our yoga class. These tiny steps help to improve neuroplasticity in the brain i.e. regular practice, being aware of how we feel as we move and breath and lastly – novelty. This last one means we don’t have to keep doing the same pose, but try different ones.

It’s like that saying – a little bit of everything does you good – in this case repetition, awareness and novelty. These elements are integrated into Subtle Inspired Yoga practice, helping you make better decisions about your day, helping you with decisions how to live your life.

H2O BBC iplayer

Body & Soul, The Times, Saturday 4 September 2021

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