Relaxation Techniques for Healthcare Workers

There has never been a time when people working in the NHS have been so stressed.  The thought of coping with another wave of the pandemic is being seen as a type of PTSD. 


NHS staff need time to really relax and take care of themselves.  They need time away from the day to day pressures to enable them to put work into perspective and develop their own coping strategies and develop nervous system resilience. 


Slow, mindful yoga can be a great tool for cultivating calmness inside and outside of class.  It can also be an opportunity to gently stretch out tired and tense muscles for a stronger, more agile body.

Investing time into a yoga practice that teaches mastery of the nervous system allows you to stop burning up so much energy on stress, so effectiveness can increase during times of productivity.

I offer you a blend of gentle breath-infused movement, restorative yoga, yoga nidra and meditation.  When combined into a unique balance for you, these techniques will wind you down after a busy day and help create the conditions for deep restful sleep.

When you learn how to pay attention to the messages your body is giving you, you will create resilience in your nervous system.


My classes are suitable for complete beginners to yoga, they also provide an alternative for people who have done yoga before.  Do call or email me if you would like to discuss the packages that I offer.

Contact Debbie to book:
£45 per session
Three session block £117

 Young Woman Contemplating